This section of the website is devoted to information about Leonardo da Vinci’s Salvator Mundi. Although the painting and my involvement with it are completely distinct from the activities of Robert Simon Fine Art, I thought it would be useful to gather here some of the references to the painting, its discovery, and reception. - RBS

Further Thoughts, Comments and Speculations

  • Alva Noë on National Public Radio, available here.
  • Hebe Wilcock, on the Kindred of the Quiet Way blog, post here.
  • Peony of Tang Dynasty Times, available here.
  • The Barefood Baklesa, available here.
  • Richard Rabel, The Modern Sybarite, his post here.
  • Jay Voss, in viz. Available here.
  • Tim Spanton, “Clues that helped identify ‘lost’ Leonardo da Vinci masterpiece,” The Sun, Nov. 8, 2011—alas, wholly inaccurate but available here.
  • Alex Belsey, in Stet, King’s College, London. Available here.
  • Mark Ruffner of All Things Rufferian, available here.
  • Puff of The Teenager Traversing Art History Blog, available here.
  • Gary Meisner's study, "Leonardo da Vinci, Salvator Mundi, and the Divine Proportion". Discussion available here and audio visual available here.